Control Selection Table

To synthesise a solution for a particular situation, we need to connect the characteristics and objectives with an extensive library of known techniques. To help this process, we can get some hints or reminders of which techniques might be applicable or worth considering as part of the solution’s control algorithm.

This table is intended to capture a “first pass” applicability of a wide range of control techniques to a range of features/attributes which might be found within the control problem. “Applicability” doesn’t imply either a complete solution nor a necessary component of the solution; just that it may be relevant in the solution and so should be considered. “First pass” in this instance means a general relationship, as opposed to the many nuances or customisations of the individual techniques which can be made. The “X”s mark intersections of techniques that apply to particular problem features.

Both the list of control problem features and the list of process control techniques are incomplete, but do capture most of the well known problems and techniques that would be tackled using control-oriented software platforms (such as a DCS, PLC or typical PC-based control software).

This table is a starting point only!



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