Why does this site exist?

This site aims to provide practical reference information and opinion that may be interesting, stimulating or perhaps help guide or incite discussion from those who have similar fields of interest. The focus is on technologies or schemes to understand, control and optimise the real-time world. Process Control is one field that covers these focal areas for the processing industries (mineral through to chemical).

Who am I?

I’m Peter Mills, someone who enjoys problem solving for, thinking about, and implementing Process Control and other algorithmic schemes or systems that help us to understand, control and optimise the real-time world.

In addition to the “real-time” world, I’m very interested in the fruitful application of such schemes in the “real” world. Hence my interest also extends to the technical areas of software implementations, simulation, modelling, and performance monitoring of these schemes and the outside world, along with the softer management and organisational issues that arise.


I hold the degrees of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Master of Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Electronic Engineering. I currently hold the role of Chief Advisor - Process Control at a mining company and have about 35 years industrial experience. I’ve also conceived and led the development and commercialisation of a real-time, model-based, optimisation system to achieve the best performance from processing plants.

In 1995 I published a book on some new algorithms in “Neuro-Adaptive Process Control - A Practical Approach” which, among other algorithms presented, uses a neural-network with a real-time model learning algorithm in conjunction with non-linear model predictive control.

The information and opinions presented on this site are done so in a personal capacity and do not represent the opinion of my current employer (if any) or associates.

This website

This is intended to be a low-“hype” and plain language website.

It is a static site written using the reStructuredText markup language and processed by a set of tools which are part of the Python language eco-system:

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