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Design is perhaps the key skill, the most important and the most creative element of developing a scheme to solve a problem. This design section covers some of the tools and issues related to design of control algorithms.

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Lag vs MA filter

Most systems to be controlled have unwanted noise superimposed on the “real” measurement value, especially in the process industries. As a result, measurement (or PV) filtering is an important part of control scheme design. In the process industries it is common to use either a Moving-Average or MA filter or a first-order “Lag” filter within the control loop when the noise level is too high. But which one is the most effective at reducing noise without reducing loop performance?

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Control Selection Table

To synthesise a solution for a particular situation, we need to connect the characteristics and objectives with an extensive library of known techniques. To help this process, we can get some hints or reminders of which techniques might be applicable or worth considering as part of the solution’s control algorithm.

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